Why Catch Basin Repairs are Important for Your Parking Lot Maintenance Program

Catch Basins provide an essential purpose on all Commercial Parking Lots. When properly installed , they allow water to flow off of the asphalt pavement. Without proper drainage, ice builds up during the winter months causing potential pedestrian slipping liability hazards and heaving of your asphalt as the temperatures rise and fall. During the spring, summer, and fall months it causes puddles and potential damage to the asphalt as water seeps through the cracks into the sub-base  instead of flowing to the catch basins. In addition, the water puddles hide deeper potholes and provide the potential for additional pedestrian tripping and slipping liability hazards. These are serious problems for all businesses and must be both prevented and addressed immediately.

    Throughout the year in Upstate NY., Catch basins get wear and tear from both water flow erosion and constant vehicle traffic. As a result, it is essential to inspect catch basins every spring to see if there is asphalt spider web cracking around the perimeter of the catch basins or sinking around the catch basins. If there is sinking ,cracking around the Catch Basins and puddles in your Parking Lot, then you need to have these conditions repaired immediately.

    Smith’s Paving is experienced in all aspects of Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance Assessments.(CPLMA) The level of Catch Basin Repairs required will depend on the amount of damage to the entire Parking Lot. Catch basin repairs generally need both an internal concrete repair and a full depth asphalt milling and paving repair. Our specifications for these repairs have been developed over the years and meet or exceed all industry specifications.

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Smith’s Paving did a great job on our driveway and patio in the back. Water was a big problem in the front and they made it go off the driveway. Really cleaned up and were in and out the same day…   read more

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