What are the most significants Causes to Pavement Deterioration

Answer: There are many factors that lead to premature asphalt pavement deterioration. In no specific order deterioration factors can include:

    * Original construction quality.
    * Heavy loads placed upon the pavement (a fully loaded tractor-trailer or trash truck exerts as much deteriorating force on a pavement as 10,000 cars).
    * Petroleum spills - Since asphalt is an oil based material, any oil based product that is spilled upon it will dissolve the cement that bonds the asphalt together and cause premature failures.
    * Cracks - Asphalt is a flexible pavement and cracks are a natural part of the aging process. Left unfilled, these cracks will allow water penetration into the sub-base which will prematurely cause pot holes and other types of extensive pavement failure.

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