Proper Sub-Base Compaction and Drainage with Extend the life of your new parking lot

Proper Sub-base compaction and drainage is key to Commercial Parking Lot Pavement Life Cycle- It will allow your New Parking Lot to last 20-30 yrs.

Commercial Property and Facility Management Managers must consider the quality of their Parking Lots sub-bases and under drainage designs before they install new asphalt paving. The way this is done is by ordering a soil sample and core drill sample of the existing lot by a qualified engineering company.
If this is not done, the Facility Manager runs the risk of costly un-approved add-ons, once the parking lot is excavated and the sub-base integrity is discovered. This then delays work until add-ons can be approved and causes costly delays to Paving Contractors. Most Paving Contractors advise their clients of this potential problem in advance, but have no way of quantifying it until the asphalt is removed.
Under drainage is the most popular solution to a clay or high water table sub-base. Corrigated 4" Diameter socked under drain is usually installed and connected to the existing storm sewer system for proper drainage of the sub-grade.
Of particular concern is the intersection of a road at the apron or an edge where new pavement meets old pavement. These areas are of concern because the seal will not be sound if the adjouning asphalt is comprimised.
Before a typical 2 course porous asphalt job is begun, a compaction test should be performed by a qualified engineering company to ensure the sub-base has been properly installed. Geo-Tech Stabilization fabric and 6"-12" of NYS Approved Type 2 Crusher run should be installed in 4" lifts to ensure proper compaction. Sub-base and the asphalt specifications depend on the traffic loads.
Smith's Paving provides our customers with resources and experience that can solve these types of challenges.

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