What Causes the need for Concrete Repair?

Concrete is one of the most useful and functional construction materials used in the world. It’s found in commercial, industrial, and residential structures in the form of parking lots, roadways, walkways, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, walls, ramps, and many more. Of course, like any other feature of a building, the concrete deteriorates over time due to weather and sun damage, and then a concrete repair is necessary.

 Sure, concrete is tough; but even concrete settles, crumbles, and cracks. Eventually, Mother Nature has her way. The settling of poorly compacted fill and/or freeze and thaw temperatures that are common in our area of Albany, New York are the most common causes for concrete repairs. Water retention or loss and shrinkage can also cause severe problems that require a concrete repair.

Some of the concrete repairs we specialize in at Smith’s Paving include:
  • Patching or repairing cracks in concrete
  • Patching or repairing cracks in dumpster pads
  • Repairing the edges of concrete walkways and steps
  • Performing a concrete repair on the steps of your home or other building
  • Rebuilding the corners of concrete edges
  • Repairing concrete slabs or walkways
  • Performing a concrete driveway repair or new concrete installation

Give the expert concrete and asphalt repair team at Smith’s Paving a call at 518-266-9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. We’ll help you design the right repair solutions to meet your needs.

The key to a long-lasting concrete repair lies in bonding the old concrete to the new material. Many facilities managers think that a new patching material will automatically ‘stick’ to the old concrete, but it’s simply not true. It takes skill and experience to get the new concrete repair to work with the old concrete installation.

See our commercial services for a complete list of our concrete repair services. Give the expert concrete contractor team a call at Smith’s Paving at 518.266.9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Concrete Repair versus Restoration?

Many building owners and homeowners wonder at what point they should abandon the option of concrete repair and turn to a new concrete installation. This is a decision made more easily with a complete review and a report from the Smith’s Paving experts.

How do you know whether you need a concrete repair or a new concrete installation? Well, a visit to your site by one of our concrete contractors will help determine what you need and how best to manage the problem you have.

New concrete installations can include such fine features as concrete stamping, which is a way of designing concrete so that it’s patterned to resemble flagstones, bricks, tile, wood, and other patterns and textures. If your building needs a complete refresh, look into a concrete installation with concrete stamping as an option to upgrade the look of your home or building.

Send us an email with your concrete repair and concrete installation concerns. You’ll receive a warm welcome from our staff who will contact you to answer your questions and provide you with a written project proposal. Or, give us a call to chat immediately! 518.266.9526.

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