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Did You Know? 8 Important Facts About Asphalt That You Should Know

Bill Smith - Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There are a lot of frequently asked questions in the paving business. We thought we would share some interesting facts about asphalt that you might not know, but now you do!

Asphalt Fact #1

Pavements built with asphalt can be done quickly. This means shorter/fewer delays for commuters and professionals on the road.

Asphalt Fact #2

Of all the paved roads in America, about 94% of them are surfaced with asphalt. When taking the interstate system into account, asphalt surfaces make up about 65% of them.

Asphalt Fact #3

Asphalt is recyclable. This is important for many reasons, but one key characteristic is that the recycling of asphalt ends up saving American taxpayers about $1.5 billion dollars a year.

Asphalt Fact #3.2

The roads traversing America are a valuable asset – coming in at about a $2.4 Trillion dollar value.

Asphalt Fact #4

Most automobile commercials are filmed with the car on asphalt!

Asphalt Fact #5

Asphalt resurfacing can make a surface as good as new. Plus, it’s super durable, smooth, and quiet.

Asphalt Fact #6

More economics: On average, over a 40-year period, pavements made up of asphalt are more economical than concrete pavement.

Asphalt Fact #7

Day or night: Asphalt can be constructed at night – this obviously reduces the amount of delays for commuters and daytime trucking.

Asphalt Fact #8

The smoother pavement created by asphalt can extend the life of the surface by as much as 25% AND maximizes tire contact, providing more traction.