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How to Find & Hire a Winter Parking Lot Maintenance Crew You Can Trust

Bill Smith - Saturday, December 27, 2014

If you’re too young to remember, stick with us here, but does everyone remember shopping at the original ‘big retail’ stores like Sears, Montgomery Ward, Woolworth, Bradlees, etc.? If you shopped there, you probably already know, but if your parents shopped there, it’s for these simple reasons: they were dependable, trustworthy, and were in business since the dawn of time. Well, at least it seemed that long.

How does this apply to choosing a parking lot maintenance company?

Get to the Point: Help me Choose!

We get it, it’s competitive out there. So if you know a contractor who knows a guy that has a fleet of pickups with plows slapped on them, just know that we’re always available for parking lot repair in the spring.

The truth is, we’re parking lot experts (we do everything pavement related and we have been doing it for over 20 years). Whether you hire us to maintain your snow and ice problems or not, at the very least, we want to impart the following advice for finding the right crew:

  • Look for longevity in the business (we’ve been doing this since before the Internet was even at your finger tips)
  • Look for dependability (we have a pretty darn good record)
  • Make sure the snow maintenance team is insured (keep your wallet safer)
  • Ask for references (we’d be happy to share)
  • Expect timely responses (call us, you’ll see)
  • Professionalism counts (it’s the backbone of who we are)
  • Ask about snow maintenance equipment (we’ll even let you sit in one of our parked trucks to see the world from our point of view)
  • Inquire about major accounts (our list is one of the most respectable)

Why Hire a Snow & Ice Maintenance Crew?

You know how much snow can pile up in the 518 area code. Unpredictable weather makes it hard to plan for when you’ll need your parking lot cleared of snow and ice. Snow and ice management, like that here at Smith’s Paving, promptly plans for and responds to the weather and the trouble it can bring to your parking lot.

Customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business this long (and we have a great track record for repeat customers).

If your parking lot is covered in snow or ice, it’s dangerous to employees and customers. If your parking lot is covered with snow and ice, you’re most likely losing revenue. Avoid these unnecessary and costly risks and let us give you peace of mind in knowing that your parking lot is safe for your customers and employees.

We’d be happy to give you a free estimate. Call us today at 1-518-266-9526 or email us, we would be happy to answer you promptly and professionally (we had to get one more reminder in as to what makes us who we are).

Don’t wait until the first snow storm, contact us today. Have a happy and safe Holiday!

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