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Parking Lot Repair Before Snow

Bill Smith - Monday, November 24, 2014

Commercial Parking Lot Repair

A Harsh Winter Can Make a Damaged Parking Even Worse Not that anyone needs to buy the Farmer’s Almanac each year, but the reality is, we’re in the northeast. That means harsh winter weather, cold, ice, plowing, and more. Why does that matter to your commercial property? Think about your wallet. A parking lot that needs repair and goes unchecked before the winter storms get here can cost you more in the long run.

Make Parking Lot Repairs Now Or Risk Denting Your Budget for Next Year

A parking lot that needs pothole repair (filling) or even simply hot crack sealer applied to cracked or alligator blacktop can be more of a headache come the spring thaw. It’s strongly recommended that you hire a commercial paver/commercial parking lot contractor (like Smith’s Paving) to assess and fix the problems before the first heavy snow. And if you’re wondering, we can even line stripe your lot before the snow rears its chilly head.

Unless you’re independently wealthy and don’t care about your bottom line, you can probably wait. For the rest of us who focus on growing our businesses and keeping our profits where they belong, being proactive is a much better alternative to being reactive. Just ask your checkbook.

Recovering After a Long Winter: Your Parking Lot’s Story

The bitter cold temperatures and the beating a parking lot can take over the winter can make cracks spread more easily and can take your number of potholes to embarrassing numbers. Plus, who needs a grumpy customer complaining about the number of potholes on your property and ruining your online reputation? What will your parking lot’s story be? Will it be one of bumpy despair or one where the hero of the story is you because you care about your business and the overall experience on your commercial property?

The Holidays Are Coming: Stop the Grinch Before He Reviews You On Google

If someone trips and falls on your parking lot because of a pothole, that’s an insurance liability you don’t want. You can’t honestly fault her/him and chalk it up to being grumpy. Safety first, as we always say. You can, however, avoid the Grinches who love to review businesses and start an all out reputation problem online.

Inc. Magazine did a study to prove our point. In fact, they say, “89% of consumers viewed online sources of product and service reviews as trustworthy--and another 80% have changed their minds about a purchase based solely on the negative reviews they read.” Potholes and unkempt parking lots = bad business.

We Have the Solution to Your Pre-Winter Parking Lot Blues

Call us. Plain and simple.

We specialize in commercial parking lots (from paving to repairs to striping). We will come out and perform an honest assessment that will take your parking lot from functional to safe and virtually maintenance free in the spring, no promises though – Mother Nature can often have something up her sleeve so the unpredictability of the weather is always a factor.

What we can promise is to bring our expert knowledge and experience in hot crack sealing and parking lot repair to your business and give you and your customers more peace of mind.

This is the time of year to give thanks (and there will also be an influx a lot of holiday shoppers out and about) so have a happy and safe Thanksgiving from all of us at Smith’s Paving.

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