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Why Smith’s Should Be Your Snow Removal Contractor

Bill Smith - Thursday, November 13, 2014

Keeping your lot cleared of snow has a huge impact on your business. Snow and ice-covered surfaces won’t just stop potential customers from pulling in; they also make them unsafe for your regular customers and employees. 

There’s more to snow plowing than simply having a truck with a plow and pushing the snow off of the roadways and parking areas.  Professional snow plow drivers will pre-inspect the locations to be plowed and make a note of all turns, raised curbs or islands, rocks and shrubbery to prevent damage during snow removal.   They also know the best times to plow and how often to return on heavy snow falls.   

The best way to avoid damage during snow removal is to call Smith’s and hire us for your winter parking lot maintenance, including plowing and salting.

We have the experience and professional equipment to guard against damage, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised in the spring after the first thaw. We have a long list of satisfied clients from our many years in the business. We’re fully insured, reliable, and can provide references attesting to our professionalism. You can count on us to care for your lot this winter in a timely, expert manner. We also handle major jobs for larger facilities. 

Call us now to set up a snow removal contract for the coming winter, and let us take the worry out of every snowfall.