Too Busy to Think about your Parking Lot Maintenance?

Call in the pros at Smith’s Paving and get your parking lot maintenance handled!

There are many things a business owner or facilities manager has to handle – day in and day out – evenings too! When it comes to maintaining your parking lot, you may not know what equipment you need, what needs to be done and when, and how to manage the parking lot asphalt to keep it in its best condition year-round.

At Smith’s Paving, this is the business we have been in for over 20 years. Located in Troy, New York, we serve customers all over the Capital District.

Give the expert commercial parking lot maintenance team at Smith’s Paving a call at 518-266-9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. We’ll help you design the right asphalt maintenance solution or perform asphalt repairs to meet your business needs.

Our asphalt maintenance services include: 

  • Parking lot maintenance and sweeping – clearing and sweeping debris keeps surfaces from ground-in damage and adds years to the life of your asphalt.
  • Parking lot striping and asphalt pavement marking – keep it clear where people should and should not be parking to meet regulations and prevent vehicle damage.
  • Commercial seal coating – nearly the minute asphalt is laid, it begins to deteriorate and if your asphalt maintenance has been neglected, a seal coat can make it look fresh and clean again.
  • Plowing and clearing snow – when standing water forms ice on your asphalt, it can cause cracking that later causes greater problems. Let our team help you keep that parking lot clear of snow and ice to protect your parking lot investment.

Parking lot and asphalt maintenance is a key part of the regular maintenance that goes along with any property. Do it right, and your parking lot will look great, be pothole free, as well as safe and looking good for years to come. Neglect your asphalt maintenance and your building’s value will slowly, but surely, deteriorate much more rapidly than you may expect.

If you’re too busy, or don’t already have the right equipment, to keep up with your asphalt maintenance, our team stands ready and willing to help.

If you’re already happy with your current asphalt parking lot, let us help you maintain it. Need a new asphalt parking lot? See our team of commercial paving experts for a fresh parking lot to improve your building’s value and look.

Give the expert parking lot maintenance and paving team a call at Smith’s Paving at 518.266.9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. 

Get Your Parking Lot Maintenance Handled by the Paving Pros!

All of the Smith’s Paving work is managed by a highly professional team. We believe that our relationship with you starts with the first phone call. From new paving construction to parking lot maintenance and repair, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The parking lot is the first area visitors see when they enter your property. Keeping it clear of debris, well-marked, and free of cracks and pot-holes shows that your property is well-kept and cared for. If you and your team don’t have the time, the equipment, or the knowledge to properly manage your parking lot, we can help.

Send us an email with your parking lot maintenance concerns. You’ll receive a warm welcome from our staff who will contact you to answer your questions and provide you with a written project proposal. Or, give us a call to chat immediately! 518.266.9526.

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   Our Video: About Us & How We Work  (0:58)

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   Our Video: About Us & How We Work  (0:58)


Smith’s Paving did a great job on our driveway and patio in the back. Water was a big problem in the front and they made it go off the driveway. Really cleaned up and were in and out the same day…   read more

Lana, Albany, NY