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Expert pothole repair and asphalt rehabilitation services in the Albany area

There are many reasons to stay on top of your pothole and asphalt repairs when you own and/or operate a professional building, not the least of which is this: when it comes to asphalt, small problems can rapidly build into bigger, more expensive ones. Professional asphalt repair lets you catch small problems early – before they can do too much damage. Managing pothole repairs early means you can double and even triple the life of your asphalt parking lot.

Give the expert commercial asphalt paving and repair team at Smith’s Paving a call at 518-266-9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. We’ll help you design the right solutions for repairing your potholes.

If you notice that hairline cracks are starting to form or increasing on your parking lot surface, then sinkhole, potholes, and bulges are not far behind. These are all normal signs of wear and tear on your asphalt surface, but they can be repaired before they get too big and people avoid your parking lot, which can affect business.

At Smith’s Paving, our list of commercial services includes the ability to repair potholes, cracks, and pits in your asphalt surfaces. All our patching processes are designed to help your asphalt surface be comfortable to drive on, safe to walk upon, and last longer. If you take a look at our maintenance services page, you’ll see that we use only leading-edge equipment and materials to complete your pothole repair. In addition, we recommend asphalt repairs are treated with a sealant to ensure that it lasts longer.

Give the expert parking lot maintenance and paving team a call at Smith’s Paving: 518.266.9526 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Timely and Efficient Asphalt Repair and Pothole Repair Services

As you might expect, it’s the level of damage that determines the type of asphalt repair service that is used to fix your parking lot.

Some of the pothole and asphalt repair services we offer at Smith’s Paving include:
  • Asphalt and Pothole repair – this involves a range of methods depending on the extent of the repair: a throw and roll method or saw-cut, fill and compact. To improve the durability of any asphalt patch, we recommend that edges are sealed to prevent further intrusion of water and/or debris.
  • Asphalt Milling – this involves removing the top layer of deteriorated asphalt and replacing it with new asphalt. This maintains the existing grade.
  • Asphalt overlay – this involves reinforcing an existing asphalt surface that is showing signs of wear and cracking by placing an asphalt mat over the current surface to add durability, stability and strength while avoiding a complete replacement.
  • Crack sealing – this involves sealing smaller cracks to prevent dirt and water from working down into the base layer and causing big problems. A hot rubberized sealant is typically used to ensure a superior and air-tight seal.

At Smith’s Paving, we can help you with all your pothole repairs and asphalt repairs. Give us a call and we’ll ensure that you have an honest assessment of what’s going wrong with your asphalt pavement. We’ll also review your options to help you find the best value. We are not interested in the hard-sell. You can trust our years of experience with asphalt repairs will help you save money and you can start enjoying your quality asphalt surface again.

Send us an email with your parking lot maintenance concerns. You’ll receive a warm welcome from our staff who will contact you to answer your questions and provide you with a written project proposal. Or, give us a call to chat immediately! 518.266.9526. 

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Smith’s Paving did a great job on our driveway and patio in the back. Water was a big problem in the front and they made it go off the driveway. Really cleaned up and were in and out the same day…   read more

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